Scientific publications are among the outcomes of GERBRAS-SCIENCENET. Some examples of papers that resulted from cooperation among German and Brazilian researchers are provided below:

  • Leal Filho, W., Dibbern, T., Dinis, M. A. P., Cristofoletti, E. C., Mbah, M., Mishra, A., ... & Aina, Y. A. (2024). The added value of partnerships in implementing the UN sustainable development goals. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140794.

  • Leal Filho, W., Trevisan, L. V., Salvia, A. L., Mazutti, J., Dibbern, T., Ruiz de Maya, S., Ferrer Bernal, E., ... & Kushnir, I. (2024). Prosumers and sustainable development: an international assessment in the field of renewable energy. Sustainable Futures, 7.

  • Leal Filho, W., Vasconcelos, C. R. P., Ferreira, P., Araújo, M. M., Berenguer, A., & Almeida, N. (2023). Perceptions of the academic community on the performance of sustainable development initiatives in higher education. Sustainable Development, 31(3), 1-17.

  • Leal Filho, W., Salvia, A. L., Paço, A., Dias-Ferreira, C., Neiva, S., Rampasso, I. S., ... & Jabbour, C. J. C. (2022). Assessing the Connections between COVID-19 and Waste Management in Brazil. Sustainability, 14(13), 8083.

  • Leal Filho, W., Amaro, N., Avila, L. V., Brandli, L., Damke, L. I., Vasconcelos, C. R., ... & Salvia, A. (2021). Mapping sustainability initiatives in higher education institutions in Latin America. Journal of Cleaner Production, 315, 128093."